Before you can harness the wind's energy efficiently, you need reliable data about the wind at your site. WSP's WindServer™ software and services can help you understand the true potential of your wind resource. WindServer has been trusted to handle data for thousands of wind monitoring sites worldwide.

You can choose a WindServer package that best suit your requirements and workflow. The services and features include:

  • Automated collection and secure storage of data from monitoring sites
  • Automated basic validation of meteorological data
  • On-line access to raw, calibrated, and validated data
  • Data cessation monitoring and alerts
  • Met tower and remote sensing equipment installation and maintenance
  • Equipment configuration and documentation tracking
  • Equipment health monitoring and status reports
  • Maintenance history and recommendations
  • Comprehensive validation of meteorological data by one of the most experienced data analysis teams in the industry

WSP also provides a full suite of wind energy engineering services, including wind resource assessment, facility design, and power performance testing. Drawing on the expertise earned through more than 20 years in the wind energy industry, WSP continues to develop industry-leading techniques for data analysis that will help you get the maximum return from your wind resource.