Software Engineering

WSP has been active in the information technologies for more than 20 years. From modest beginnings writing data acquisition and remote monitoring software for an IBM XT, WSP has steadily advanced its capabilities and expertise. That expertise is put to work developing a range of applications from small utilities to large distributed Web-based products.


  • WindServer™
    The result of a recent major undertaking by WSP, WindServer is the software behind a service that provides comprehensive data management for wind monitoring sites.
  • Irrigation District Model (IDM)
    The IDM was developed for use in a major water management study for southern Alberta undertaken in a cooperative effort between the Alberta Irrigation Projects Association, the Alberta Government, and the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration.
  • WinGEMS (Government Expenditure Management System)
    A Windows based application that is used in the day-to-day budget management of the budget and expenditures.
  • Canadian Renewable Energy Wind and Solar Resource CD (CERES)
    This project consisted of analyzing eight gigabytes of wind and solar data collected over 50 years at 144 sites across Canada. The data was analyzed for a common twenty-year period (1974 - 1993). This data was bundled with the packages WindView and SolarView for commercial distribution.
  • Equipment Tracking System (ETS)
    ETS was developed for an irrigation district that wanted to track maintenance records and fuel usage for all of their equipment. Several reports are used on a daily basis by office and shop personnel to maintain accurate maintenance, fuel and oil usage records.
  • Liquid Nitrogen Feed Scarification (N2SS)
    N2SS was developed for the Alberta Farm Machinery Research Centre. N2SS is a control application that controls a process for treating hard coated seeds with liquid nitrogen. All aspects of the process (tank levels, auger speeds, etc.) were controlled by this application.