WindServer Features

Comprehensive Data Storage

Services include automated meteorological data collection for multiple data formats including various meteorological tower data loggers, remote sensing units, and solar stations. WindServer stores data and metadata flexibly and comprehensively.

Flexible Data Retrieval

Data can be retrieved at any processing step including the raw logger files, parsed and compiled formats, or cleaned data. Metadata including tower photos and site notes can be downloaded in comprehensive and well-presented formats.

Total Data Analysis and Reporting

Data is presented in flexible graphical and tabulated formats. A suite of professional reports can be exported in pdf format:

  • Site characteristics including data traces, sensor comparisons, and a full statistical analysis.
  • Yield potential calculations based on selectable power curves.
  • Prioritized equipment maintenance recommendations
  • Mapping summary of tower locations with data quality status indicators for maintenance scheduling and logistics.
  • Historical metadata, site maintenance, and tower configurations.
  • Sensor serial numbers, calibration parameters, orientation, logger configuration and history is stored for each site.

Equipment Life Cycle Tracking

WindServer drives data quality control in an industry where numbers are everything for bottom line competitiveness. WindServer tracks meteorological equipment through its lifecycle, including location and history to ensure data accuracy:

  • Track and report on the installation history of any piece of equipment
  • Keep records on the maintenance history of any piece of equipment
  • Manage scheduled equipment maintenance
  • Track instrumentation, indicating the exact current and historical mounting configuration, calibration, and logger connections.

Site Maintenance Information

WindServer maintains current site information, including equipment deployed at a site, location, type of terrain, tower installation details, and maintenance history.

On-Line and Secure

WindServer was the world's first wind monitoring data service to feature a web-based interface in a secure environment, providing flexible 24/7 data access. Principal and role-based security is ensured with a secure https channel.