Wind Resource Assessment and Facility Design

WSP is a one-source solution in wind energy engineering with over 20 years of experience. We provide wind resource assessment and project due diligence expertise and find world class solutions for the international wind energy community. WSP has been involved in data management, resource assessment and feasibility studies for wind power projects in all Canadian provinces, throughout the United States, South America, Europe, Africa, and Australia with a portfolio of tens of thousands of megawatts. Key personnel are recognized experts in their field and regularly contribute to international industry-specific conferences. Special expertise includes yield assessments, wind flow modeling (computational fluid dynamics), project uncertainty, operational monitoring, operational assessments, wind variability, and wind power integration.

Wind Power Project Portfolio Due Diligence

WSP has a horizontally integrated team with expertise covering all aspects of due diligence for acquisitions of built and pre-construction wind power project portfolios. Inquire within to discuss past experiences and WSP’s portfolio of clients successful acquisition and mergers. Aspects covered include:

  • Fatal flaw analysis
  • Pre-Construction and Post-Construction Wind Resource Assessment
  • Site conditions, turbine model and engineering designs
  • Agreements and contracts
  • Environmental permitting
  • Construction plans
  • Operations and maintenance plans
  • Financial models

Wind Energy Assessments

WSP has extensive international experience in energy assessments for wind energy projects. Clients include small community developers, large international developers, and international financial institutions. Capabilities include:

  • Wind flow modeling (linear and CFD)
  • Mapping
  • Sodar/Lidar data analysis
  • Turbine suitability analysis and technology selection
  • Energy yield estimates
  • Long-term extreme value calculations
  • Icing assessments
  • Uncertainty analysis and application
  • Power pool analysis
  • Wind regime variability analysis
  • Production data analysis

Facility Design

WSP is a horizontally integrated team with expertise in road, electrical system, foundation design, and wind flow modeling ensures all aspects of facility design are addressed. Optimization of wind turbine placement leverages expertise in constructability for complex terrain including factors such as wind resource potential, wake losses, capital costs, operational and maintenance costs, constructability and detailed site constraints. Specific experience supports layout design for sound and terrain restricted sites in normal and complex terrain. Recommendations can be made for further land acquisition and layout development strategies to maximize energy return and minimize construction costs.

Environmental Assessment and Permitting

WSP has been involved in environmental assessments throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, and South America. Capabilities include:

  • Photomontage
  • Sound Assessments
  • Shadow Flicker
  • Electromagnetic Interference Studies
  • Airport conflict assessments and resolution
  • Permitting applications

Loss and Uncertainty Assessment

WSP contributed to an American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) panel to standardize loss assessment categories. Key personnel have spoken at conference to present how wind resource assessment uncertainty is quantified, how the meteorological campaign strategy impacts uncertainty, and how uncertainty is interpreted by the financial community.

Through experience with operational data of a large portfolio of projects with various turbine technologies, WSP has been able to refine and validate loss assessment for components such as wake losses, icing losses, turbine curtailment due to sector management, sound curtailment, availability, electrical losses and environmental factors.

A recent study of operational data shows that WSP’s track record of pre-construction wind resource assessments validates extremely well against realized project yields. The assigned uncertainty matches the distribution of production error very closely.

Operational Assessments and Operational Monitoring

WSP has a suite of deliverables for assessment of built projects to provide opportunity for improvement of project yields.

  • Clients with operational projects are provided with greater clarity into the performance of their facilities with operational monitoring reports. Ongoing realized production can be compared to pre-construction expectations on periodical basis from a wind resource, turbine availability, and turbine performance perspective. Further analysis is tailored to identify specific issues with the facility performance.
  • Operational assessment of the historical production data can be used to update yield expectations with high levels of confidence.
  • Through exposure to data from multiple turbine technologies, WSP is experienced in processing and managing complex data formats for facility production and SCADA feeds.